Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pleasant surprise for me and some photos to share for you.

I had a pleasant surprise during the April Walk on White (WOW) which is an open studios and gallery event that happens monthly in Key West. This month's was last Thursday, April 18.  It is always the third Thursday of the month.  This was my first WOW in my new studio so I was excited to show it off.  When I was doing my framing and varnishing and getting my pieces ready I decided to varnish this oil painting which was finished but I had never shown because even though I love it (I'll tell you why in a minute) it is very different than the kind of painting I am most known for, the brighter colors with the topical feel.  Well wouldn't you know that this little painting got the most attention of all my new pieces.  Go figure.  I love it because the brush work is very evident, and the colors are dark and moody and it has a very soggy feel to it.  I think most of my paintings have evident emotion, but it is usually exuberance that I am going for.

Well anyway,

Clouds Rolling In
11 x 14
oil on canvas

sold to someone who visited my new studio and that evening.  Maybe I should go mix up some grays and start working from my stormy cloud photos for awhile.  I thought I might like to share some cloud photos with you.  Feel free to use these as references if you like to paint clouds as much as I do. I take photos from my car so they aren't as focused as they could be, but it is kind of like squinting when you paint from a fuzzy photo.



  1. Dots all there isApril 25, 2013 at 6:22 AM

    That is one of the things that I have always loved about my visits to Key West - the clouds! They are so different than the ones here in the North as they are so "fluffy". I have always said - when i do see them like that up here - "reminds me of a Key West day!" Great painting!!!!!

  2. Thanks Dots, I plan to make a page of just cloud photos from The Keys that other artists can use as inspiration.

  3. Our lives are made rich by contrast. Through the dark storms we appreciate the sunshine. Well done!

  4. So true Mary Ellen! Thank you for those thoughts it is a lovely way to look at life.

  5. Yes, different from the joyous colors of other paintings...I agree, room for the darker storms clouds too! Love that you photograph from the car and that your sky has such large open views....we have so many trees it is hard to see a large expanse of sky. Start mixing the grays!!

  6. Thanks, blue sky, we get such wonderful rain clouds in the summer that there could be a storm series.

  7. It's really nice Maggie ! Different palette yes, but definitely your own special brushtrokes. Thanks for your generous offer of your sky pictures. Can't wait to see the next paintings you'll come up with.

  8. Love the large, slabby strokes of paint! Wonderful capture/feel of sea and sky!


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