Monday, October 11, 2010

Some sparkle-y things.

Well, I can say it has been awhile since I have posted to my blog, and it is not because I haven't been working, I have. But most of the work has been the nose to the grindstone kind of thing. The reality is that not every minute in studio is full of wonder. My main focus has been clay these last few weeks and the clay work is very process oriented. Pieces only get finished after all the steps have been completed. It is not for those who constantly require instant gratification.
But things are finally getting finished. These Christmas ornaments came into the gallery today. There are palm trees and flip flops all with added glitter for fun and sparkle. Fantasy Fest (our biggest event of the year here in Key West) is right around the corner and the town will be bursting at the seams with people, so it seemed like a good time to get these done.
I have also been working on painting a bicycle for a fund raiser for The Studios of Key West, a local arts organization. 40 bicycles are being painted by Key West artists and will be auctioned off in February. Between now and Feb. the bikes will be on display around town and ridden in a couple of parades. My bike is going to be on display in The Restaurant Store. I'm trying to have my bike finished by Oct. 20. It is almost done and I will post some photos.
Also going on the Key West Art Center, a non-profit art center and gallery, of which I am the president this year, is about to start their season. I have been planning the season along with other board members. Our first meeting is this Thursday and I am giving a short workshop on how to write an artist statement, something we encourage all our artists members to have.
I hope you all have been well. It has been a fabulous fall so far here in Key West. We had lots of rain for a while (while all those storms were out there) and everything is green with lots of tropical flowers. I've put in my tomatoes and have lots of blooms and one small tomato starting.
Well, more later.
Pottery ornaments
Palm trees, $14.00
Flip Flops, $24.00


  1. These are wonderful ornaments and with all the festivals, parades and tourists...these should be big sellers. A piece of Key West on the holiday tree...what fun!

  2. Yes, I agree--what fun ornaments--you don't see ones like that around here. Your beautiful pleasant weather season is starting now and ours will be ending soon. I wish I could be there for all of the activities that will be going on.

  3. Am so looking forward to seeing your bicycle - they did something similar here but with guitars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - artists got very creative with them. So funny to think that you are planting tomatoes and I just got finished canning all of ours and have pulled them all out.

  4. Belle découverte de ton blog et de ton univers d'artiste. Tu es vraiment, douée et très productive.
    Intéressant cette histoire de vélos ornés et peints par 40 artistes. Très généreux de leur part.
    J'espère que la pluie a cessé chez toi. Dommage pour tes tomates.
    Je t'envoie toute mon amitié depuis la France,


  5. Thanks for the comments folks, sorry I haven't been around much, for some reason I just didn't seem interested in the computer for a while,
    and bonjour Roger, I'll have to review my French. We are getting a lot of rain from Ruth right now. I hope it doesn't wreck "les tomates" I probably should have put some sand in the soil.


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