Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charm School

When I am talking with visitors to Key West in our gallery, if they say it is their first visit, or they ask what they should see, I always tell them to get off the main street and walk around in the residential neighborhoods. And I repeatedly use the word charming to describe the town's architecture and small lanes. For the commission piece I posted about last week, I spent the whole day walking around old town Key West seeking out that charm. This little house on Thompson Lane just fit the bill, but it wasn't the image I wanted for the commission piece. So this week I have painted it by itself, just for fun. I made a decision to bump up the charm to the next level in this painting. I used sweeter colors and more fluid brush strokes. I am very happy with the result and have decided to enroll myself in the "charm school" of painting for a while and wander down all the lovely little lanes it leads me.

This painting isn't for sale yet because I want to use it as a visual reminder of what I am trying to achieve in my next paintings. But I am considering having prints made.


  1. A charming painting by a very charming person - who is also a charming friend. It is beautiful Maggie - please let me know if you do prints of it.

  2. It is wonderful! I look forward to more charming paintings

  3. Yes, this is my favorite style of painting--very loose--I love when you get that painterly look.


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