Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live and learn

Again with the glare. An old Peter, Paul and Mary refrain is running through my head

....when will they ever learn, when will they learn?

So I quess that is the lesson of the day:

1. Paint the painting

2. Photograph the painting

3. Varnish the painting

Another good reason for me to do it that way is because I frequently see things I want to change when I look at the photo. For example, in yesterday's painting I decided that the pink area of light behind the tree trunks needed a highlight. So I went back in and added it and then I had to re-varnish that area.

Live and learn

Have a great day.



  1. Hello from Greece!
    I like your work very very much!
    I just took a long walk into your blog and it was really very ispiring...
    thank you!

  2. You say the nicest things, thank you.

  3. I like these trees. The colors and textures are very inviting. About the photo, I never can photograph an oil painting with lights. I photograph all my work outside on the shady side of my house on a bright day. I get the best color and no glare that way.


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