Monday, October 12, 2009


I wish I had taken before and after photos of this painting. This painting was started about 9 months ago. It is oil and I started it in my Jim Salem painting class. In the winter our painting spot has a large dock area that is a haven for Laughing Gulls. They make a lot of noise and demand your attention at times. I chose a composition of three and after the painting session I really wasn't very happy with what I had. So it had to go sit in a corner for awhile. I took a look at it the other day and decided that I just had to freshen some of the colors, change the width of the horizontal bands and add another layer of color to the birds. Now I am happy with the graphic black and white birds against the simple background. For some reason I find it a very calm painting. It has to dry and then I will take it in to the gallery.


11 x 14" unframed



  1. I like their googl eyes. How come no herb pots in the gallery? I want to see them.

  2. I am bringing the herb pots in on Wed. - have to stop at home depot and get some seed packs.


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