Friday, October 16, 2009


I don't often paint in oils. It is a "hurry up and wait process" for me. There are some artists who can do it all at once, but not me. If I work too long on an oil painting it just gets muddy looking. This painting was started last October. After the first week of painting sessions I wasn't happy with it so I set it aside. The other day I looked at it and realized that I could probably finish it in one more session. And that is all it took. Now I am waiting for the final coat to dry. I used a lot of white in the last session and white takes a long time to dry. I used two photo references for this piece. One was from my trip to Hilton Head and the other was from a cloud photo I had taken somewhere in the Keys. It will still be awhile before this gets to the gallery. First it is going to the printer to be photographed. I think it will make some lovely prints on paper.

"Sunset Marsh"
16 x 20"


  1. It is beautiful - the colors are great. Ever think of doing note cards of some of your paintings?

  2. Thanks, I've thought of it, but I'm not sure they are profitable unless you do alot of them.


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